Sunie is a gifted Graced Intuitive and Shaman that has been graced with the ability to 'see' energy since birth.  She is able to see, connect to, and communicate with the informational energetics of the
non-ordinary realities, sometimes called
non-physical. She gathers what is needed to know where energy is connected, where it isn't, where it needs strengthening, what is required to strengthen it and what the next Shamanic alignment of power will be for her clients.
    All by the power of love.  
    Having her gifts has given her the perspective of seeing the details of the world in very in unique and in-depth ways.  Sunie says every life experience has been a training for her in learning to fine tune her skills and gather the wisdoms.
    Early in her life, around eight, she closed down her gifts. In her 20's, she timidly began allowing the gifts to be more present in her life. She said the voices of her guides, she calls 'The Collective', became louder and louder, and clearer as she herself opened. She began studying with what she calls Earth teachers. She lovingly acknowledges all of her powerful Shamans and teachers and power of their gifts to her. After some time, she took the leap and opened herself completely and fully to allowing 'The Collective' to direct and teach her. In her words, "It is a heck of a ride, a magnificent adventure, never dull, and always quite humbling."
    The most challenging and powerful learning has been about the 'key point' of transformational power.  She finds it to be fascinating, intricate, powerful, and so miraculously magical.
    "There are so many depths to this power and accessing it is the key of everything in this Universe. To live even a touch of the knowledge of this power within is completely life transformational to me.  I am so inspired, excited, and driven to learn about and access this transformational power we innocently call pure love. It has so many, many aspects to it we cannot even grasp,  and it's always advancing and growing. It is so simple and so complex all at the same time.
    Living it becomes a beautiful dance of allowing.
    I have a pure passion about sharing my knowledge with my clients so they may access and live this magical life created by their inner self.  The best is when I get a call from a client a year later, thanking me for changing their life forever.  It brings me to tears every time. " Sunie
    Sunie believes that if you get enough love in anything, it will evolve to its next expansion easily. Seeing where the love is being asked for and finding the key to open the door to let it in becomes the challenge. Once the connection is made, the flow happens easily, freely, and beautifully.                                                            

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Graced Intuitive and Shaman