Nedda -
    When you know something is true—you feel it deep in the center of your very being, your core.  That’s what it’s like to work with Sunie and Shawnette.  You feel 100% profoundly recognized.  All the layers vanish & your authentic core being radiates and shines with pure joy!
    It really feels like coming home, to the most sacred beloved home right within my very own body.  Because these incredible women live in their soul truth—I have more deeply awakened to my own truth.   They are simply the most amazing earth-angels-soul-coaches that reflect, challenge & remind my true divine empowered whole being.
Such a beautiful reminder :) the best! 
    Since we have started working together, my professional and personal life have grown immensely, all in complete alignment with my soul truth.  My friends and clients now meet me regularly in authentic communication from our innate divine selves. 
    I have realized a personal dream of teaching a weekly Qigong class and closely connecting with my greater community. 
    I have overcome deep-seated patterns that ecstatically liberate me, and it just keeps getting better!
    (If we give it a little more time, I will be able to add a lot more for measurable results )
    Profound love to you both!

Nedda Jastremsky, LAc, MAcOM
Licensed Acupuncturist
Boise Acupuncture Clinic, PLLC
6550 W Emerald, Suite 112
Boise, ID 83704
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Graced Intuitive and Shaman
Jacki -
“Want customized powerful shifts that transform you to unionization?  That is exactly what Shaman Sunie can deliver.  Through difficult but fun work, she had me truly and honestly looking at my filters that were blocking my passions. And with Shaman power coaching, I chose to free myself from a ten-plus year diagnosis of Chronic Depression, and spiritually align with love.  I have learned that I am a spiritual being having a human experience.  Sunie is an action-oriented creator that understands the structural dynamics of creating miracles!  She is a very rare gift.”

Jacki McClure RRT FAARC
Respiratory Therapist and
Certified Consciousness Shifting Coach 

    I met Sunie a few years ago while getting an aura picture done. I was going through some difficult times. I'll never forget what she said as I was leaving. "May you be blessed every time I am." It startled me!
    That one would even think that showed me her compassion & loving nature! I was hooked. I wanted to know more. She was obviously living a way that I had only glimpsed here & there.
    I have been blessed by Sunie's friendship but more so by her teachings. Don't let that cute voice & wonderful smile mislead you though! She does not waiver in her truth & teachings. Be prepared to "cowboy up" as she will not join you in pity or un-aligned thinking but will gently yet firmly, direct you back to the now and the ways that open you to your desires, not your past!
    Sunie truly is a blessing!
Lori Lott, Grants Pass, Oregon

    Working with Sunie and Shawnette has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. I am so happy I was able to merit the exquisite opportunity to work with this powerful woman! I have studied spiritually for over 15 years, and she has something that I have never experienced before. She is the missing link I was asking for. I didn't know how amazing my life could turn in such a short time with such measurable results.
The profound way in which they can see into me and the energy happening on this planet are unmatched by any I have encountered.
  I have never worked so deep so fast as I have with Sunie. She gives you cutting edge information and powerful tools.
  I am now confidently and powerfully back to work after several years, doing what I love. I feel more alive, awake, and aware in my life. I look forward to my life and all it has to offer because I know I have what I need to make every day beautiful, and back up when I need it.
    The really cool part of all this is, I don't have to work harder, longer, faster! I get to just allow the goodness in, and align with where my spirit wants to go. It's so much easier this way. Every day I wake and say, "Joy, how good can you stand it?" 

Joy Horseman LMT Certified Hellerwork Practitioner
Health Integration Specialist
Your Health, Your Day, Your Way
Boise, Idaho