Sunie was born with her gifts.  
 She is a powerful Healer, 
Spiritual Adviser, Teacher, 
Intuitive, Shaman,

Sunie is a Leading Edge Shaman
 that deals in the miraculous.
Miracles are her normal. 

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Graced Intuitive and Shaman
There is a Presence and Power within you that is the highest 
transformational power in the Universe. When you make conscious 
contact with this Presence and Power, it literally transforms your 
life experiences into deep, soul-satisfying, miraculous living. This Presence and Power cannot withhold your good, it is its natural directive. 
It doesn't care if your cup is small or large. You design your cup.
There are Shamanic power points that are custom designed for you by
 your energetic system that open the door for you to engage this power. 
The Shamanic work I do with my clients is to identify, open, and
 learn how to live from these power points that unleash your natural state 
of being this Power easily, freely, and beautifully abundantly.
When you physically raise your physical vibrational resonance, 
you raise the quality of your experiences in all areas of your life... career, 
finances, love, health, wholeness, and wealth.
I believe you were born to live miracles.