Graced Intuitive and Shaman
One Hour Personal
Shamanic Power Session 

We are currently in powerful personal changes the beginning of this year. We are being called to become our authentic self as a viable working identity of us.
It means we are being asked to give up diminishing ourselves, self loathing, self hating, legacy patterning. We are giving it up to be the most amazing expression of Source as humans. Bountiful, joyous, awake to being the glorious operation of Source humans. 
 In light and support of those changes being called for
 by our Universe...
 I am offering a 
One Hour Shamanic Power Reading
and system alignment special.

It is time to bring into full being your best you,
living and being your best life.

I will read your field and list the power points you are ready to activate and step into. Also you will be given tools that keep you in that new existence. 
At the end of the session I will Shamanically unionize
your new system so it recognizes it as your
new truth of being.



Please include your information and world time zone with your message.