Monthy 'Deeper Mentoring' Class  
        The first Wed. of the month.
               5 PM  PST  1.5-2 hours
        This is a Shamanic monthly class that takes place the
        first Wed. of the month at 5 PM PST.
        Sunie will bring the current energetic updates of what
        we are being asked to our consciousness to, and the tools
        needed to apply them into your daily living. She
        will also be bringing new Shamanic learning to add to
        your awareness, along with answering any and all
        questions you have. She also asks that you to bring any
        questions about applying what was taught from the last
        class and she will give you anything additional that you
        may need. A powerful class full of information.

Price for a full year.............................$480.00  

Price: one class......................................$50.00

  Shamanic Spiritual Wisdom Session  
       This session is about questions you may have about the    
     current spiritual wisdom for you and how to apply it in
     your life on an ongoing basis. Sunie will give you 
     guidance and specific tools to do to get you where you
     want to go.

        Session ................ $300.00

    Shamanic Shift Healings                 
       This is a 30 - 45 minute energetic Shamanic work.
        Sunie will be clearing your energetic system,
        re-aligning channels, and imprinting an
        overlay of your new clear energy for you to         begin living . She will tell you everything she sees, and
        what she is shifting. In this work you just receive. 
       Session ..................................... ......$300.00

Shamanic Shift Guided Meditation          personalized for your energetic system,      opening your abundance prosperity to your next balance point.                            
       This a conscious 'interactive healing' alignment.
        You will be guided what to do through the work as 
        Sunie communicates with your system, shows you the
        new energy asking to be birthed, and shows you
        how to hold it in your system sustainably and
        successfully as she Shamanically interacts with you.

         Session ............................................$300.00

    Shamanic Shift Life Work with Sunie
                    This work is life transformational work, how        you walk on the Earth will change forever.        Sunie will teach you the Shamanic energetic
        laws to transform energy and how to activate
        it as a way of living within the cells of your        energetic system. This work is designed personally
        for and your life.  
       You will be gently guided, instructed, and held         until as you learn, stand strong, practice it,         and hold it on your own.        This is challenging work with powerful results. 
        It takes your inner growth to an advanced level        as you learn to walk on the Earth as a transformer         of energy powerfully, ethically, and lovingly.
        Due to the commitment required from the
        student and the work required from Sunie, it
        requires a purchase of a block of her time.         She will wrap you in a Shamanic circle of        energy the entire time she works with you.
       You will put down a non-refundable deposit
        purchasing 25 hours of Shamanic Study.
        Sunie will design the work to your pace.
        She will be on call to you in-between your 
        sessions should you require support in moving
        the energy you are working with. 
        She will Shamanically hold you in her field
        the complete time during the length of your deposit.

        This work is for the client that has awaken
        within them an awareness of their inner power
        and is ready to begin consciously learning to form
        energy molecularly on the planet. 
        This is work for the committed quester, the
        Soul that has a calling for this, and the         student that knows on some level they are the         one and they have gifts to live.

       You will be interviewed by Sunie to allow her to
        connect to your energy and your commitment 
        to do the work for yourself.  
        "You know if you are the one. You know if
        you are called. You know if you are now
        willing to do the work to get you there.         Learning these skills are for you alone. A gift         you give yourself to live the magical Graced        life you know is in you."   Sunie
        Call to speak with Sunie to see if this is the work 
        that supports your next powered expansion.   
Deposit $2500.00 = 20 hours of physical time with Sunie
The Shamanic hours with the package.                                     

Hire Sunie to enter your prayers and creations
in her Shamanic Prayer Circle for one month. 
Sunie will powerfully amplify your prayers and creations within her Shamanic Circle of Prayer, build a field of wholeness for them, and hold them in her power for creation
during the month. 'Whenever two or more are gathered
in my name... there is love.'

One month of Shamanic Prayer Work ....... $300.00

Shamanic Cellular Anger Releasal

This is a Shamanic process that dissolves and removes anger
within the cellular system (physical and non-physical).
It involves two sessions: one for gathering the anger information and one for the Shamanic Work. It a very quick way of releasing anger from your energetic system, clearing, and freeing you. 
Anger Release Sessions full package........ $600.00

       Sunie is a gifted animal communicatorFrom        childhood animals would come everywhere to her. She laughingly remembers the day she awakened to the fact she was automatically and naturally communicating with them. She had turned to a friend and said "Did that horse tell you that he was missing his friend, too? " Her friend had a shocked look on her face and said, "Sunie, I don't talk to animals."
        Again another aah-hah moment that she was different.
        We are blessed to have Sunie be different.      

1/2 hour..............................................$150.00       

1 hour session ................................$300.00                               


 Shamanic  Pet  Work 

Shamanic Prayer work 
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  u  Shamanic Shift Guided  
        Meditation Healings
  u  Shamanic Life Work
  u  Shamanic Prayer Work
  u  Shamanic Cellular 
        Anger Removal
  u  Shamanic Pet Sessions
Graced Intuitive and Shaman


     My gifts are allow me to be a powerful Connector, Activator, and Solidifier of the Unification Fields of Loving that align my clients to a fuller connection and experience of the power of their inner being here on Earth. I was born with the gift of seeing, communcating within, connecting, aligning, and converging energy.
Current Work: 

     In times past we would have to leave our body (die) go into full consciousness and birth/come back into another physical form body to align a higher consciousness here on this Earth experience. Now as we have ascended our consciousness, we are awakening to the knowing that we do not have to physically die/leave/come back in to move into a higher frequency reality and experience in this physical form. We are freely shifting realities consciously. It does take some training and getting used to.

     It takes consciousness, deeper conscious loving, newly aligned energy ethics, physically living those alignments,  gathering the new living tools that solidify the alignment and.then being with the experience, navigating, and growing into the harmonic convergence happening within the physical cells as a result of that convergence.

     My work is about Shamanically communicating with my client's system and the new infrastructure that will support "their new way of being" on Earth. I hold them solid and steady while they learn the necessary tools to hold the new aligned structure, allow the integration to happen on all levels within all cells, allow the new 'wholeness' to acclimate within, and begin standing on their own in it.

     For the coming time of 2017, having people in place already operating the new convergence, alignment, and wholeness will create and hold the field of stability for others when many, many others arrive.

     The work I am doing with these people is powerful, phenomenally satisfying, and I get to experience my client's convergence affecting the matrix when it happens. I am honored to do the work and humbled by the power of unification being done by my clients.

     We live in an amazing time on this planet. Miraculous alignments and happening faster than then ever and the more we are aligned with this 'Highest Transformational Energy' within us, to be honest, the more joyous - Soul Saturating Fun! we can have here.

     Learn your power of this and be the one. 

  Anger Releasal